By LornaL

Ghosts of Lorna and her brother Theo

At a glance this looks like a poor photograph of a woman with four children. If you are familiar with the family, you will recognise that the woman is Lorna's mother Topsie, and two of the children must be Lorna herself (on the rug) and her brother Theo (in a school blazer that he seems to have outgrown).

But who are the other ghostly children at the extreme left and right? That looks like a younger version of Theo in the deckchair. Equally it can only be Lorna - also a little younger version than the one on the rug - on the seat on the right of the shot.

We can be pretty certain that the 'main' photograph was taken on the same day in 1924 as the one that we posted yesterday of Lorna, her parents and the dog. However, is seems that the film has been doubly exposed with an earlier shot of the two children.

We're now wondering whether or not this was a deliberate experiment in photography, or simply an accident? However this happened, the family members seem to have liked the photograph sufficiently to include it one of their few photo albums.

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