French Italia

By FrenchItalia


Think hearing today we are in the same place as we were in February with Covid19, Thw onky thing that has changed is the management of people..This virus is here to stay and we all need to keep to social distancing. There will be another wave and likely to be winter months unless we have more scenes like Bournemouth or a protest in London, will be much sooner.

I suppose I knew this and wanted to think by locking in since 23rd March it might all.go.away was very unrealistic a good coping mechanism! Work is home is work, can only hold 5 people with social distancing so looks like I will be at home permanently. i am.job searching at the moment i have missed human contact so much.

Tonights socially distanced run with 2 other club remembers was wonderful, felt like a lottery win. (Even though I dont do the lottery)

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