By dogwithnobrain

Would You Open Your Arms Out To me?

2nd day of work, after a week of lazing around and doing not a lot. 

I was up again at 7; with Tooli and we did another 2. 5 miles along the beach and back again.   It was freezing this morning. I can't believe last week, we were stting in 30 degrees, and this morning, it has to have been 10 at MOST. 

At my desk by 8.30 and working on Flexi-Furlough by 9.   heavens.   I am loving adding up and dividing and percentaging, but by the end of the day, my brain is exhausted. 

Si and I took a turn up to the Allotment before dinner to check on the water levels, and check the plants.  We burst our first pea pod tonight and feasted on all 8 peas!

Tooli went for a socially distanced walk with her mate who has moved close by.  She did over 10,000 steps whilst talking the whole time.

I was looking at the sweet corn - one of them has 5 side shoots and the first of the cobs forming.  So fast - all the sun and then all the rain seems to be doing it wonders. 

We lost a cauli tonight - so we will be quick to pull the next one. 

After dinner - a very lovely chickpea curry, we sat about and did nothing.  

At 9.30 Tooli declared herself impossibly tired, but too early for bed. 

So I took her a drive and kicked her out the car in her jammies at the PO Ferry terminal (closed), and said take me something beautiful .

Look what she did! Is gorgeous!

PS - I stuck an extra in of my arrangement on saturday

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