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Water under the bridge ...

I wonder if we'll look back on this period and see it as something completed, something in the past - or will we find ourselves living with the threat of pestilence till we die? In a world which, having managed to eradicate the killers of old in this country at least - polio, measles, bubonic plague - we find ourselves assailed instead by new viruses against which none of our remedies prevail?

I find myself thinking these unhelpful thoughts when I don't have enough to do, and especially when I'm tired. Today was such a day - the unwise over-consumption of some delicious Fathers' Day chocolate too late in the evening meant my brain pinged into gear around 1.30am and I heard every hour chime till after 4am, when the sky was light and I'd watched it between fleeting half-dreams ... So for much of today I felt so washed out it was hard to think coherently about anything.

However, by the afternoon I was feeling a walk might just do it (no surprise there) and we set off to walk up the Glen Massan road. Because we were talking at the time, we missed the turn-off into the glen and found ourselves heading towards Oban, so we parked on the wrong side of the river Eachaig and walked back along the riverside track to the road we wanted. That's where this photo was taken, of the old ford beside the rusty iron footbridge you can just see on the left of the photo. The river was flowing so hard it was kicking up a marvellous, roaring wave pointing back upstream at the edge of the ancient cobbled way under the water. I love the way you can see the cobbles gleaming and the apparent solidity of the water, and I love the feeling that this part of the river bank was obviously much more used in the past, when there were more settlements in this area with a network of paths that we still use. 

Adding an extra photo taken from the bridge, looking upstream.

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