By loisbiz

Teeny Tiny Bee/Fly

This was the tiniest of insects on the daisies today; I can never decide if it is a bee or a fly.... it must be a fly, but I think it looks like a bee. 

It was a pleasant day again today; nice to spend time outside. Our son had to take his sister in law to the doctor so I went over to stay with Ellie for a couple hours; the time went quickly. We went in the backyard to deadhead the roses and pull weeds and look for worms and bugs. Fun times. Then she helped me find food for her lunch; she picked apple, watermelon, string cheese, goldfish crackers and blueberries. She systematically ate each item.  :-)) 

I didn't get much done after I got home. I was going to go to the beach tonight, but I kept putting it off.....so I will go tomorrow. We haven't been over there for a long time. I am looking forward to being there. Check out tomorrow to see what I find at the beach.

Be happy, stay safe and be nice!

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