By TrishaR

A full Century!

Today, (30 June) our lovely next door neighbour Barbara became 100 years old.  What a lady she is, a great sense of fun and enjoys a good blether.  Although I have been told by a few of the neighbours that they know when I am chatting to Barbara as they can hear me shouting, in the garden these days, as she is pretty dam deaf!

After a morning of dull showery weather, the sun shone brightly, so the planned get together in the front garden of her house went ahead.  Neighbours, family (her two daughters Elspeth and Helen) and friends mingled and at 3 o"clock we toasted to the great lady and her fabulous achievement of reaching 100.  She sat on a chair by her door with the cake on the table next to her taking in all the excitement.  I think too, after this lockdown it was the first event for many people so were a bit high being in company after so long!  We were given by Elspeth a card invite, two cans of Brewdog's Barnard Castle beer and a bottle of wine for the toast.  We all sung happy birthday and Barbara gave a wee thanks after this.  She was thrilled to bits as she had said to the girls that she didn't think many people would come.  
When most people were taking off home us and three other couples (neighbours) moved into our front garden to carry on the drinking (celebrations).  Colin was supposed to get his MBE today from Queenie at Holyrood for services to fundraising for the troops (he is an ex Army Major) and a bottle of champagne was delivered to his house by one of his daughters so it had half an our chilled in our freezer and then a toast was given to him by us.  

Then is was over to three doors up for some BBQ food from Audrey and Steve and more drink!  

We toddled off home around 10.30 just a Barbara was saying cheerio at her door to Elspeth, still going strong so it was another hello to her.

What a great day!

Extras there is Colin Opening his champers and Barbara's announcement in the local paper.  Also an old pic of Barbara in the 1950s when she was a nurse.  

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