Uphill Struggle

Well the blue sky put in an appearance today, lifts your mood a bit to see it even if we had a bit of moisture too. 

Work was followed by a quick dinner and then a Zoom catch-up for me (Chris) with a great group of old friends from school days. We've had a couple of these now and as a result we're more up to date with each other than we have been in years!!

What should have been a quick admin job for me (Annie) after work, almost caused me to throw my laptop out of the window. It’s the end of quarter accounts reconciliation for Blipfoto, so I should have been able to quickly run through the statements and payment summaries ready for the accountant. However OneDrive decided to get itself totally confused, and it took me a few hours to fight it back into letting me into my files. Grrrrrr - such a waste of time.

The lavender is going over a bit now but still pulling in the insects.

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