a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Paddle Boarders

Wide Wednesday: Paddle boarders in 16:9

Today's Wide Wed challenge required us to adopt a 16:9 ratio.  Its actually quite an interesting challenge when you start looking at potential shots in that way.  Normally I tend to compose my images using the camera's full viewfinder image, if I end up cropping later, it is because I've decided that it improves on my original attempt at composition in some way.  Having the crop in mind from the start forced me to look for slightly different subject material.  

I knew that the slightly less windy evening air would potentially make the river good for a reflection of the sky, and I was very lucky that these two boarders turned up just as I was setting up :-)

As a result I passed up on the metal bucket that someone had left parked upside down on a fence post - I am really hoping that its still going to be there when I next visit - particularly if its raining!

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