By cindy_ellis


We went fishing for an hour or so this afternoon. We kept 34 nice perch a few spot and threw back about 15 rock fish. Mid way through fishing I spotted a dolphin so we pulled the anchor and went to get a closer look. There was only one as far as we know but the wind picked up quick so we decided to call it a day and head home. It was a nice change from all the gardening I've been doing lately. We had cucumbers, tomatoes and onions out of the garden for dinner with an added avocado. DELISH! We are sharing the perch with our friend Mr. Holden. His son and family will be visiting him this weekend and I'm sure they will enjoy the fish!
I back blipped our WV trip 6-13-20 through 6-22-20 if you care to take a look. Thanks for the well wishes on my 2000 blip it has been a pleasure being part of such a wonderful group of people. God Bless!

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