By cabbagetree

Fat Fanciers

On these cold days the fat is very popular with the waxeyes.Often there are about 15 around it, but sometimes there is twice that. I stood out close to the tree with my camera, which meant the visitors flew away, leaving the residents that are not scared of me.

This male was reaching out to catch the fat as it swung towards him. He looks good full screen. In extras is a female with a fatty beak and a group shot of three females on the fat with two males looking on.

When I went out to the gate to fetch my newspaper this morning it was dark and raining. A strange shape showed up in the torchlight. Much to the surprise of both of us it was a hedgehog! It made a sneezing sound and disappeared. The temperature was less than 5ºC. I wonder why it wasn’t hibernating.

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