By DonnaWanna

Abstract Thursday - Ripples

Back to the lake this morning as it was only 3 degrees and I thought there might be a nice little mist over the water.   But there was no mist, it was like a mirror until two ducks arrived who looked like they were casing the joint and might move in! :o)

As I watched from the opposite side they flapped around and one jumped up on a post sticking up out of the water.

About thirty seconds later these beautiful ripples reached me and of course I had to get some shots of that.  Then we walked all the way around the other side and I got a shot of the lovely couple, they look like newlyweds to me, in extras.  :o)

The reflection of a post and the ripples seemed to make a nice abstract for the challenge.  And it made me think of my favourite Genesis song ever called Ripples and have had that in my head all day!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday ;o)

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