By TheOttawacker

The things you find in the shed

A month or so ago, while volubly telling Ottawacker Jr. how miserable his summer was going to be, I told him that he would either have to spend it all going down mines, like children of his age used to, or digging a big hole in the garden to see if we had oil. Finances had been, you see, a bit tight.
Since then, hardly a day has gone by without his asking whether I have decided where the hole will be. And, of course, what its purpose might be.
Today he found this inflatable crab in the shed. It had been a gift from his friends before they left for BC, and for some reason it had been put in the shed awaiting discovery three years later. Today was that day.
And suddenly the idea of digging a swimming pool has become the latest in the long line of Ottawacker Jr. projects.

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