Full House

This morning's view from the kitchen window revealed one of our neighbours has just taken delivery of quite a lot of outdoor furniture for their terrace.  These two guys have been labouring away in the July heat, assembling what looks like far more chairs and loungers than will comfortably fit, but what do I know?  A little before I thought to make this my blip, the owner of this treasure trove sashayed out, got in the workmens' way, and then sat on one of her new chairs to watch them work between glances at her cell phone.  Before she sat down, she picked up a piece of packing material from the seat, and casually tossed it over the parapet to fall to the street below!  Charming.

(New) Extra:  Apparently the finished product ... what a mishmash of different furniture styles, colours, and all around ridiculous space planning!  If you look closely, you will readily see that anyone unfortunate enough to seat themselves on that sofa will need to remove their legs in order to comfortably distance themselves from the flaming embers of that "coffee table/fire pit".  Ditto the two wicker chairs placed next door (although suitably "socially distanced" from the sofa) ... NO leg room there at all!  And good luck managing to walk that narrow space between flaming coffee tables and the railing ... and oh, did I forget to mention the dead plants and trees in the pots?

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