To everything there is a season

The west windows at St Thomas the Apostle on the Isle of Harty. I've blipped this church before but it's the first time that I've been inside and it's wonderful. The oldest parts are Anglo Saxon, that includes the walls shown in the external image in the extras. For those not up on their Anglo Saxon history, they converted to Christianity between 590 and 660 and while there is no indication that these bits go back to the 6th century they pre-date William popping over from Normandy on his reverse booze cruise. The location of the church means that it would have been knocked about by the Danes during the 9th century and the church was rebuilt in 1089. These windows are set in the Anglo Saxon wall but the glass is much later. 

This is given to be the most isolated churches in Kent and it stands on the old Isle of Harty, now joined to the Isle of Sheppey by a bridge over Capel Fleet, the stretch of water that separated Harty from Sheppey, Capel Fleet and the shape of Harty are clear on the map if you want to see where it's all at. If you get out this way it's well worth a visit - and smashing views over the Swale

Capel Fleet is also the name given to an RSPB raptor viewing site near here and I stopped to watch a juvenile marsh harrier but got back in the car when a shower blew over - I'd driven here with the roof down and tee-shirt order, it wasn't cold. 

All this in a few hours break from a busy day, I'm glad I got out for some air and a stretch

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