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Fighting Cocks

A bit more unlocked
We had to go up to  Birmingham today to take a bit of LooseCanon’s framing kit to be repaired. I just went along for the ride and the chance to photograph something other than garden flowers and country lanes. 
The Fighting Cocks pub is in Moseley. Dates back to 1750. There’s a record of a cock fighting tournament on Boxing Day 1759 between gentlemen from Warwickshire and Worcestershire , with fifteen cocks per side, with a first prize of £10 for the winner! Fortunately the practice of cock fighting was made illegal in 1835.
The current building was constructed in 1899 for Holts brewery and was influenced by the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The 72 ft tower on the corner houses a clock and a weather vane, and has an anemometer and a barometer still to be seen on the outside.

Extra is a busker we saw in Kings Heath

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