By davidc

A Waterfall Day

A few of us from the camera club decided to have a day trip to photograph some of the waterfalls in Teesdale. To my shame I've not visited these since childhood.

(We travelled in separate cars because of the continued partial lockdown restrictions and observed social distancing whilst taking our photos.)

As usual I took far too many photos so it's been a struggle to choose which to blip. The main blip is a "chocolate box" type of photo of a very pretty waterfall a little below Summerhill Falls which is shown in the first extra. Just to the right of that is Gibson's Cave, seen on the second extra - the colours & textures in the stone are lovely, and the cave also has a colourful history: local tradition tells of a 16th Century Outlaw who hid there while on the run from the constables of Barnard Castle. This William Gibson was said to be a lovable rogue - friends supplied him with food and dry clothes while he hid behind the waterfall's silvery screen in his dark, secret hideaway!

I like the movement of the water in the third extra, and in the fourth which is a small part of Low Force waterfall not far from Summerhill (we didn't have time in the end to go to High Force on this visit).

The final extra is a rather lovely little fungus, just about 1cm in diameter, growing on the slender trunk of an old tree. By resting the camera on the trunk and pointing it upwards I was able to catch it with the light behind it.

Altogether a lovely day out with a surfeit of blippertunities!

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