By loisbiz

Smooth water, Cloudy Skies

I took this shot this morning when we went to the marina to launch hubby's new boat; the task was made easier by the very calm water.......not problem backing up......I didn't look at the rear camera but looked over my shoulder.....the old familiar way works best.....I suppose it may be along the lines of "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".  :-)) We will go out the maiden ride in the bay before anyone asks us to take them fishing or crabbing.....we will insist on mask, even out on the boat.

The sun it out now and it is looks like the forecast for a pleasant evening here, may be correct. 

I am going to search for my irobot vacuum.....someone must have sent him out cleaning and he didn't go back to his home base.....I suspect he is under a bed somewhere. :-)) 

I have a few more weeds to pull and an outside covered deck rug to vacuum and then it will be relax time......really nice to look forward to that peaceful rest.

The 4th of July in the USA is a dangerous holiday, lots of people driving places and usually many highway fatalities. I hope the lack of festivals may keep people closer to home and safer.   

Stay safe wherever you are......enjoy the coming weekend.... and remember that Being Nice is something we can all do today! Let it start with the Blip Community and spread around the world! 

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