Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

Floating feet.

Normally in the ramp up to July 4th downtown would be buzzing with activity, the chalk art festival would be in full swing, but all festivities are canceled this year.  Understandably.

The city decided to go ahead and shut down Broadway and Main Street as I'd mentioned it might.  Restaurants can now spread further out and I liked being able to walk in the street and fewer cars is always nice.  Everything is still super quiet and everyone in masks as usual.

The artwork from the George Floyd protests has been moved to a spot next to the library.  Not sure if that'll be the permanent home yet, but glad to see it there.

There was also a new art installation off of Main Street that I need to go back and explore properly.  A project called the Youth Mural Project, there are 10 panels. 

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