By trisharooni

Nearly Normal

This coffee shop, which I have blipped several times is on the coldest corner in Blackheath. 
It is as full as the one person per four square metres will allow, as are all the other shops, so life in the town is looking nearly normal.

I was walking by with Billy and quickly snapped this couple.
Billy is just off camera, but you can see me, snapping with one hand.
It was freezing cold and I needed a few more layers.

There are problems with Covid-19 in the state of Victoria, but so far in NSW it's a big deal if there's one case.
Over 300 000 in Victoria have stay at home orders, and there is also a higher number of cases outside the ten suburbs involved, so there is a great deal of alarm.
Apparently 10 000 people in Victoria have refused a test.
It would seem that many of these think the virus is a conspiracy.

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