Cheeze 2

We arranged to meet ‘E’ at 1:30 in Southbourne at Parlourmentary Parked near M’s (Hungarian owned bakery In Pokesdown) to collect 2 sourdough baguettes ordered earlier. Then walked to Southbourne.

‘E’ bought goat cheese. We sat on a street bench opposite, in a raging cool wind. The men nibbled cheese and bread. I tore off a huge piece of baguette and ate it with relish.

Then take-away flat whites from Velo Domestique. Great they now have a proper coffee machine (Marzocco) and use Bad Hand Coffee (locally roasted and excellent).

Walked back to car, a couple of kilometres. ‘E’ Beryl-biked home. We went on to Westbourne and walked round, then returned home.

Covid spiking again all over the world. Tomorrow see the reopening of pubs, restaurants, hotels - with strict rules. I fear the worst as expect we will follow California, Florida, Israel and others where cases soared following relaxation. The weather looks iffy (windy) which will hopefully keep visitors away.

Blip is of my cashew nut cheeze. Have written/photographed it previously (links below). I made two this time. Will eat one after maturing a couple of weeks, and see how the other is after 8/9 weeks. I have removed the metal chefs’ rings (used a mould), so the rim will also form a crust.

The verbal instructions did say not to eat if it had blue green mould, otherwise fine. I noticed the white specks on the top of mine and double-checked with a Food Safety friend, and the Italian who managed the cheese shop. Both weren’t concerned. It’s part of the fermentation process.

First attempt:-
a) Preparation
b) Cheeze Tasting

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