By jac1954


I have been helping my friend two doors down digging her flower beds that have been almost my height in large weeds. I saw her one day standing looking at her garden I said what’s wrong.she said I have no idea what to do it’s such a mess.
So I said start there and I will start here on the other side see what we can do. So chatting away to each other and we cleared the rock garden and one side almost. Then the next day she got a skip and got her two sons doing what we did the day before at least her sons are bigger than the weeds But they cleared it to a fashion. So now we are slowly going through the ground taking out the bind weed turning it over. So good couple of days in the fresh air with someone to chat to as well. I never shirk from hard work I actually enjoy it.
So today she bought me the metal Gekko and I be named it Lizzy
Lizzy is proper up on my camera tripod I thought she goes quite well with the red wall.

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