By tookie

Happy Blip Ten Year Birthday

I actually began to blip in October of I'm almost really eleven years and I began three years prior to retiring from 36 years of school bus driving.  Many of my earliest blips were at the worksite or on the bus or on field trips!   Field trips allowed for me to do lots of photography depending on where I had taken the kids.  I often chose the trips I'd drive  that afforded me opportunities to do photography so it all worked well as a job for me.
     I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet fellow photographers/blippers from all corners of the world.  To see and read about other's daily lives, philosophies, see their families and loved ones, see villages in rural and urban areas , and to expand viewpoints from a variety of folks.  I thank you all for sharing yourselfs and your environments here and for the trust that is found here amonst blippers overall.  I love the willingness to share skill sets here and in all sorts of areas not just photographically.  Knowledge about flora and fauna and hobbies and recipes.  I love the black and white images, the street photography, the wildlife and the landscapes...and abstracts...all fun to see . The photojournalism done by some on here like now during Bladk Lives Matter has been amazing ....keeping up on issues and lives here has been a major source of soul food for me and I thank you one and all .  Thanks to Blip Central for keeping this site so amazing and up and working for all these years...we almost went under and I am thankful we all pulled together to save BLIP!   
     Here on blip, as recently experienced in the loss of our dear fellow blipper Admirer, we share moments that are precious, some are frustrating, some are losses.....we share grief and's all here.
 Cowboy has been my ally throughout blip and was in my first 100th blip birthday so he had to be my choice for today!!!  Heartfelt thank you to all ....Tookie

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