By Ridgeback13


Up very early to finish doing a series of letters that had to go out before I left. Immensely frustrating struggle with a number of saved versions and frenetic checking to ensure details were correct on each one. Took hours. Chat to a potential new hire but it’s not going to work out time wise.
Last minute packing...doubt I’ve got the right stuff but hard to imagine it could one day be warm and dry when it was cold and wet as I dashed around to get ready.
Finally ready to set off and the journey south was fine again...nothing like usual Friday traffic. Listened to a new novel on my way The Mothers by Brit Bennett which seems good.
Arrived in time for kids’ teatime....red soup and pitta bread with cream cheese. Mx makes me laugh...he’s chatting on so much and was mid story here explaining all sorts to me. He had started by asking if we ‘can have a conversation’....! Higgs the puppy has grown a bit but still biting everything all the time. Got them ready for bed then a cup of tea and more chat sitting at opposite ends of the sitting room with K. Watched the Downton Abbey film but spent most of the time trying to work out what we’d seen the various actors in before, then over to T&Kts where I can have my own separate floor with bedroom and bathroom. Home for the next couple of weeks

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