... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Grey Day Friends

Sweeter features in large.
Bibbed ducklings
Bert takes a beating & Bert takes the seed
Emperors waddling out & Emperor flapping out

Mum managed to get us three slots at the Wetland Centre, so she and Im and I headed to Barnes first thing. It was very grey, but it was still nice to see the friendly faces... I even stroked a nēnē!
The most amusing character was Bert the wood pigeon, who limped around after the keeper with the feeding cart, and hopped up onto it (to dig in to the seed bucket) whenever the keeper was off filling feeding stations. He followed her the whole way around her route, and even waved us goodbye as we left the centre.

Others here (or right from Otter greeter)

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