Outside movie theatre - Premiere!

Premiere of the musical/movie that the children in Ellis' class have made! Since having lots of parents, grandparents and other relatives in school at the same time is not allowed at the moment because of COVID-19, the musical was rewritten into a movie script.

Over the past weeks, scenes were shot and the last two weeks everything was edited into a movie. I made lots of photographs during filming and prepared a slideshow with a preview of some of the images that will probably end up in the photo album I'm working on.

The children have watched the movie in school, while the parents were outside watching it at the same time on the big screen you see here. Of course, the premiere can't go without the stars of the movie arriving in style. Classic cars, a limousine, Tesla's: all sorts of cars arrived to bring the children to school. Along the route, relatives and friends were cheering. The school director acted as doorman, opening the car door for the children. Then there was a walk on the red carpet (or rather: green carpet as you can see on the left). The children were all dressed up and all enjoyed the event. All along the route there were photographers and I was also there to photograph the children on the green carpet.

The movie was great, the whole atmosphere was great. This is how to make the best of the situation and deliver an event the children will never forget. What a great night! It's too bad I can't show any photos of the children... I wasn't only a photographer, but Ellis' dad as well. She had so much fun and she looked so great. It was also an emotional night for the children as this is nearly the end of their time in primary school. The realization that as a parent I've been involved with the school for twelve years and this will also come to an end, brought a tear to my eye as well... Tomorrow is the very last day...

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