By Colgaize82

Slow Progress.

So, today was the 4th of July- the day many have been waiting for...the day when (if we wanted to) we could go to a pub & order a drink at a bar. For realsies!

Or could we?...

Was it not that we could book a table, if we were lucky enough to get one or be invited to one or whatever, & then we’d be served from our tables but we had to pre-order & remember to sacrifice a goat at midnight?...

I’m not sure. It all got a little too confusing but I was already looking forward to visiting my sister & her family at the holiday cottage that they’d booked 3 miles outside of Keswick.

It was completely apt that I should spend my evening of the 4th July in select company, catching up with important events & discussion concerning the last 3 months and it was a lovely evening, indeed.

I should at this point, admit to having also enjoyed morning coffee & a lunch out with friends today & that was lovely too but somehow felt more manageable & less daunting than the idea of frequenting anywhere in the evening.

On the plus side, I can view this as me having done my bit for the economy today; I have been out & spent my money. That’s what Rishi Sunak asked us to do isn’t it?...

Whilst I do absolutely appreciate & understand the need to give our economy chance to get back on its feet, I do also feel a little conflicted. I feel impatience is rarely an admirable trait & I steadfastly believe that progress & recovery is very possible with the right, methodical approach & attitude.

Here is my rather dubious analogy to help me illustrate my point: Take this snail for example, lapping up the frankly saturated conditions of my driveway. It will no doubt be stuck-fast to the glass of my front door in the morning (eugh!) It will have taken all night to cover the few metres distance, necessary for such a feat & I’m sure it’s sense of accomplishment will be pertinently felt.

That’s, at least, until my 5 year old kindly peels it off the door & releases it back into the wilderness of my overgrown front lawn.

What will it do? Complete the same, epic journey again, or find an alternative approach? I guess that will remain to be seen.

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