Fremantle Blip Meet..........

.........with Doyley22 and DonnaWanna.

Our challenge today was to shoot only in mono. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could become a convert ;-)
It certainly makes you look harder for shapes, shadows and light. Oh - and bikies and wookies............

We had a fabulous day after D22 and I met DW at the Fremantle train station. I took far too many photos and have just flicked through them. Phew!  I am adding a few in extras as I couldn't choose.  Check out the Wookie - I mean who would expect that on a Sunday?  A busker who played really great tunes (I did give a donation before photographing him), and hows my bikie mate? I was a little bit intimidated but gave him a wave as he eyeballed me.

The skies were amazing as we are expecting a massive thunderstorm later tonight. In fact, I can hear the thunder now........

On the way home, D22 and I called into the North Mole where I photographed the dad and daughter. I hope it gives an idea of the awesome clouds we enjoyed all day.

I will eventually have to go back and properly edit these images. Don't be too critical ;-)))

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