I enjoy the challenge...

... of photographing wildlife. Today, on our visit to Harlwo Carr Gardens, I was photographing butterflies for the first time this season.

What I find more of a challenge is identifying what I have photographed, where I am always in danger of coming unstuck. I am pretty sure today's blip is of small tortoiseshell (but don't ask me what the flower is!).

Sometimes I need help!
Today's extra is more of a challenge. I was reasonably happy that it was a small brown (and there were quite a few around today). However, when I tried to find a picture in books and online for comparison, the tell-tale black spot on the wing looks like it should have a white centre. I don't think all my shots were of the same specimen - but none of my photos has a white spot. So if anyone can help me with this identification - please do.

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