David J. Rose

By djrose007

Baby overload!

One of the twins came running up to me for a cuddle when I popped in from doing the Sunday dinner to where they were playing. I picked her up and she started laughing and then the other one came running. I couldn't pick her up safely so Marlane picked her up and put her into my right arm.
Then lo and behold Ruby decides she wants in on the act and came up to me with her arms out. Another one for Marlane to pick up and lodge her somewhere between the two. I managed to hold on long enough for Johanna to take the photo but Ruby started to slip so they were all, unceremoniously, unloaded from my arms.
They are lovely though.
Eric was there too but there just wasn't enough room even for a little one.
Daniel, Joanne and their gang were spending the week at Alton Towers for Dhylan's 16th birthday. They had a fabulous time and not crowded, all social distancing being followed etc.

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