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By HarlingDarling

his Lordship!

Rusty, in all his relaxed glory. leaning on his favourite wiping surface, my knee. He drinks water, drags his beard through it and then wanders over to me and dries off on my leg. Lovely boy.

We've had a day of cooking and baking and getting ready for the evening of guests. Which has worked out just as well as we thought it would. These are old friends and we have form, we know how to enjoy ourselves with very simple pleasures. This evening we have tried the marvellous "Magic Gin" from Sharish which was a gift from our lovely hosts in Portugal. Here is more information: sort of. I tried to link to their own web page, but it's all in Portuguese... We went to the distillery with Daveen in January when we visited, and had a fantastic guided tour from the owner, 2 hours of learning and passion about gin. The result of his efforts was delicious and everyone was duly impressed with the delicate taste of this gin, and the second one which was orange based and is taken neat. We have been saving it all up for our friends, our get together being messed up and delayed by corona. So the mature Portuguese cheese from January was very mature!

It's pouring down, as predicted, so the whole evening was spent indoors. No fire needed as yet though, but it's a close run thing. Claire had to borrow the sheep skin slippers due to cold feet. We have no heating on, but it is actually not cold according to the thermometer - there is a psychological component that tells you it just might be cold really. I might have to crack open the thicker quilts if this goes on.

I made an interestingly hot soya meat curry, and a lovely cauliflower, potato, peas and tomato dish, using an actual recipe instead of flying by the seat of my pants as per usual. Together with basmati rice we had a lovely tasty dinner.  Yesterday's crumble with ice cream went down a treat and we even had American style squirty cream in a can to amuse (American) Rose, which it did!

 Ruth's children are of an age when they can drive their parents hither and thither, and P has just fetched her Mum and Rose. She arrived with a collection of umbrellas, such excellent service! The rest of us have collapsed a bit, onto sofas and such like. And an earlier night is definitely in order. ... And now Rusty and Claire have headed off to the red house for the night, armed with yet another brolly. The washing up can wait till tomorrow morning and we will be snuggled up soon under a quilt or two!

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