By Undercovercairo


Just another day in lockdown. We went to a Lebanese sweet shop to get supplies for a card night with my housemate’s friends. A nice day.
Qatar Airways is advertising flights out, for much less than the occasional repat flights, I could leave soon.
The Supreme Committee for COVID-19 had their weekly meeting. They’re very disappointed with how many cases there are. The borders will not open yet, but Qatar is still advertising flights out.
I had to renew my tourist visa yesterday, first time I’ve been able to do that since I arrived; it’s for a month only. They didn’t take renewals as the country was locked down. But we can’t leave either.. but we had to renew. I don’t understand..
And, I tried to register my claim for non-payment of my salary on the Ministry of Manpower website but I couldn’t because the process was never finalised by the owner. I’ll never get that money.
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