By Ridgeback13

Out and about

Surprise morning’s activity when Kt&T suggested I joined them on a canoeing trip they had planned with Kt’s parents and brother. Although it started cloudy, by the time we got to Bedford it was bright and the river was looking really beautiful, although very gusty and windy. We ‘embarked our craft’ and headed off downstream. A lot of fun...although our steering wasn’t great so we rather zigzagged down the river but it was a real laugh. T and J darting around in their boy racer kayaks and racing racha other whilst we sedately skimmed along.
When we turned round to return it was much harder...against the current but also into the wind. What a workout!
After we got back we struggled out of the boats and found a space by the river to have a picnic together. Lovely to sit in the sun, eat traditional picnic food and chat about trips to Australia, lockdown tales and the fact that Jaffa cakes have brought out a pineapples version (controversial!j.
Home and pootling  around the garden for a while, deadheading and looking at all the various plants and how they’re doing. Mt brought AR and Mx over whilst H was doing Higgs’ training session and we decided to go out for a walk with Heston to see the lake and the wind turbine (extra). Afterwards we sat in the garden whilst they ate ice lollies and sprayed Heston with water, waiting for a spitfire flyover that was due (Major Tom lives in their village and they’ve had a few flyovers this summer in his honour) but it never arrived.
Lot of running around with them pretending to be the police and us taking it in turns to be robbers and trying to escape them, then being caught and put in prison (the shed!) for ‘one hundred seconds’ then out again to chase once more. Mx runs so strangely....like he’s constantly about to stumble and with his hands up and out to the side, very comical.
I made supper then we watched the Netflix Eurovision film set mainly in Edinburgh which was relaxing nonsense. After we’d sat down for a while we realised how stiff we were....suspect we’ll be even more so tomorrow!

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