By Hillyblips

Needing a Drink

It's been a strange old day today.

Water seeping through from our bathroom into the lounge underneath and the plumber was supposed to arrive at 10:00. He didn't.

On going down to the kitchen I saw this huge brown treacle like snake curling it's way over the kitchen floor. A whole bottle of Camp coffee (used  for sticky toffee puddings :) ) had disgorged it's contents through a drawer that had a million things in. On trying to get 'things' out I moved a container of wild thyme which was one of those squidgy plastic affairs and it had a split top. It went over everything. On trying to save more things from what was now becoming farcical I tried to extricate all my  sugar paste  and cake making bits and bobs, picked up a small container of yellow food colouring which apparently had not been used for 30 years and had a split top. Split it did!

Both counter tops were now covered in paraphernalia from the drawer, both sinks were full of bits dripping with coffee solution, the floor which I'd tried to clean had brown gunge still seeping from under the unit and I had a mixture of wild thyme and yellow food colouring more or less everywhere. I hadn't even thought about gloves in all this haste and my fingers were green with yet another dodgy container. Great and it wasn't even 9 o'clock.

On the plus side it was obviously a drawer that needed a makeover and the plumber is coming in the morning.

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