just be

By justbe

Lavender Lover

It's dark, damp and dismal this morning, but this bright Bumblebee was quite happy buzzing about the lavender. It's not very hot, but the high humidity makes it really disagreeable to be outside for long. 

We had a wild thunder and lightning storm last night around midnight. One lightning strike was terrifying, according to my WeatherBug App it was 0.1 mile away, just down the street in the woods behind my other grandparents' house. My cousin Craig and I played in those woods for hours when his family visited from Farmington, Connecticut for holidays. It was so loud, the house didn't shake, but it tripped one of our kitchen ground fault outlets. We thought our little old kitchen TV was toast, but we just had to reset the outlet. 

Merry came into the room with us during the storm, the flashes and loud thunder cracks were so vivid and close. Rain and wind too, but all things at Dogcorner and the rest of the "Compound "seem okay. My brother's potato plants were blown about, but only a few snapped. 

For the Record,
This day came damp and dark with outrageous humidity.

All hands wary

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