An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Slow slide to normality?

Today I did something I haven't done for at least four months...I put social dates in the diary!  Woo hoo!

A visit to the garden centre to buy new planters and plants, also herbs to start a herb garden.  A visit to a local farm to buy delicious Perthshire strawberries.  And...a visit from Ele and Kenny next Monday afternoon where D and K will play golf and Ele and I will do our own thing.  If the weather is nice, hopefully head to the Gin Palace.  They  will stay for dinner.   This can happen as from 10th July (hopefully) a maximum of two households can meet indoors with physical distancing.)

I can't believe that when we see them on Monday, it will be exactly 4 months since they were last here!  At the stage we were speculating about corona virus and what might happen.  Little did we know!!

Weather wise a lovely day today so a wee wander in the side garden to nab my blip.  The honeysuckle is ready to burst forth with its second show of blooms.  

Other than that I have made a birthday card for Norma, painted a multi-coloured background for a thistle painting.  Never done a multi-coloured background before, usually just paint them on plain paper, so will see how that turns out tomorrow.  

Oh and I listened to Sting followed by Rufus Wainwright rather loudly when D was  playing golf and Alan was out for his daily constitutional.  Superb :-))

And they're just as good together as separately :-)  

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