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P A C E 

This is the bible, by which I must live my life, in order to regain improved health. I do have physical (ie functional) symptoms as well as minimal energy and I'm convinced it will be a big help, together with injections and pills (reducing slowly), in the medium term (I would guess).

Its an excellent leaflet with lots of cool and meaninful graphics, such as the picture above.

As half planned did far too much yesterday (in theory) but thoroughly enjoyed my day, and sometimes need to strike whilst the iron is hot.

People are slow (understandably) to re-start using the village pub, so being the last sunny and dry day for a while, decided to roll call the village WA group to join me down there last night. Enjoyed myself, but its going to be a slow process I think to build up. Have started thinking of innovative ways to modernise the way that people use the pub..not too much today!

As expected lethargic today, and had already planned to take it very easy and enjoyed listening to 3 of 4 CDs of Bachs The Well Tempered Clavier, until my family returned.

Apols not been following much recently due to the above.

Leaflet Extract (if interested)

The below describes ways for you to conserve energy in all 3 domains — physical, cognitive and emotional. Functional symptoms and seizures can be a byproduct.
of very low energy, so managing energy can help all the physical and cognitive symptoms. Use the acronym PACE to help you to change your lifestyle (P, C, E) and your mindset (A).

P. Physical energy conservation

* recognise that how much energy you have on waking probably has to last all week, not just today.

* listen to others when they mention you are starting to look tired.

* stop  yourself. A ‘normal’ level of activity will be bad enough, but pushing yourself is asking for your body to crash.

* never aim to complete more than one task or chore per day.

* avoid multitasking, even if you can.

* avoid the temptation to ‘boom and bust — doing too much on a good day, in case tomorrow is a bad day. It just turns the next 4 days into bad days.

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