If only I had curls like this!

Spotted this curled leaf in the garden as I was taking the rubbish out .... yes I know I lead a very glamorous life!

I loved the shape & thought it would make a good blip ..... hope you like it too :-)

Today is Mum's 100th Birthday ....... I have added an extra of her from the party on Sunday.

This was taken by my sister on her phone & I think Mum is telling her off for taking a photo! Typical Mum!

She doesn't like her photo taken & didn't want me to bring my camera .... so I didn't! Wish I had sneaked it in though ...... everyone else was taking photos of her with their phones & tablets!

My phone doesn't have a camera .... well only a 2 mega pixel one that doesn't even work! I was being a good girl & doing as I was asked. There is a first time for everything! lol

She has thoroughly enjoyed her '3 day long' birthday :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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