By hazelh

Lunch 1973 style

When I asked my mother about lunch today I didn't expect to be told that she would be serving fish fingers and chips. I haven't eaten a fish finger for decades! The portion sizes were also rather surprising. The plate blipped is mine: the 'large' version. My mother's portion would only just have fed a toddler. I joked that Mummy hazelh had transported us back through time to 1973 by serving this meal. I am clearly forever 10 years old in my mother's mind.

This morning we followed my mother's lockdown routine and sat outside with the next door neighbours on their patio for coffee/tea and lemon drizzle cake from 11:00-11:30. Then we finished sorting through some old clothes and made up bags for delivery to the charity shop (currently not accepting donations - otherwise I would have taken them straight into Hexham).

I also pottered around the garden and popped some bits and pieces into the boot of the car to bring back to Edinburgh. Amongst these is a 'Parental garden in a bucket'. I filled this with a couple of foxgloves, golden spike, yellow poppies, ragged robin, and an unidentified purple plant. I will plant these around our pond when it is repositioned. I also packed one of three enormous defunct chimney pots from the roof of my childhood home to add to the yarden or patio (position tbc). It's a good job that there are three chimney pots so that is one for each sister. If there were only one or two I would be extremely unpopular for taking this one!

I had a good drive back to Edinburgh, then this evening managed a little yardening between supper, Carcassone (lost again - Mr hazelh is too good at this game now), and the Tuesday family Skype call.

Exercise today: a little walking while pottering (9777 steps).

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