Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Pills for Robbie

This is something of an emergency blip - there have been a few of them recently. Robbie started having diarrhoea yesterday morning and it continued today. He has a gastro-intestinal condition which is normally well-controlled by a special diet and supplements and he's gone for a long time now without a flare up. Our vets are now doing some appointments and we managed to get one this evening. As with everything these days, it was a palaver with face masks, hand sanitiser etc and I wasn't allowed in with him for the examination although the vet spoke to me in the waiting room beforehand. However, all seemed to go well and I came away with two lots of pills for Robbie - the antibiotics which he's had before and also some steroids. So I will be using these capsules to make up doses as I can usually get him to take them if the capsule is buried in chicken - although it can take a number of goes. Fingers crossed!

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