Behind you!

My Christmas gifts often include a small Lego toy which I really enjoy assembling (deprived childhood, living in the Middle East).  But once they are assembled I rather object any threat to them by small people.

But we still have the instructions, so any small person fiddling with any of the several that I have is required to re-assemble it.  It's a challenge any of the small people can now meet and they do so with enjoyment and a sense of achievement (not merely to please Grandad).

The Minion is not Lego, does not belong with the Lego, but I have no choice in the matter . . .

In the Real World, I took some more photos for the Neighbourhood Plan which is due for presentation to the Parish Council next week prior to the regulatory consultation with the villagers in a couple of months.  One of the concepts for illustration is the maintenance of the separation between the village and its outlying hamlets; so I took a photo from the air of the edge of the village and the hamlet called the Cinques, on the right in the Extra.

But I thought that my readers might be bored with the idea so I snapped the Minion as well.

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