By Paladian

Adelaide Trip

We had to take a trip into town today for a business appointment with Telstra to try and sort out our on-going Wi-Fi issues.  It wasn't exactly a waste of time but I still had another half hour on the phone with them once I got home.  The outcome is very positive - it seems the modem is stuffed (No? Really??) and we are getting a new one free of charge.

Won't get it until Monday but at least we are on the homeward path.

In the meantime, this is the top half of a fountain which was once an elegant piece of Victoriana.  Some years ago, they decided to paint it in rather garish colours, which I thought spoilt it.  But now for some inexplicable reason they've decided to add little umbrellas.  I mean - Queen Victoria would not have been amused.  It looks more than a bit silly.

I'll back blip yesterday's image tomorrow when I've had a chance to calm down relax a bit.

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