Local view

A very busy day that started with a trip or rather two trips to the hairdressers.  Great to get my hair coloured and styled and everything seemed well organised.  You wash your hands on entering, have your temperature taken and sit down in one of the cleaned working stations with all your belongings placed in a plastic container that is cleaned after you have left.  The stylist wears a plastic visor and you have a choice, as apparently its not now required, whether you wear a face mask. I and the other customer chose to wear our own.  The only real difference for the stylist is that they cannot cut another customers hair while yours is being coloured as there isn't enough space and also they cannot offer you any refreshments.  I left feeling much more glamorous except that I had left my credit card at home so this required another trip back a little bit later.

The afternoon was spend with us all getting ready for our daughter's, husband and young son's arrival.  This meant making two sourdough loaves and getting tea ready while the others cleaned and tidied up.

They all arrived early evening with a rather bemused 4 month old, much surprised to be in new surroundings but it was lovely that he recognised us all.

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