Yellow rose of Skogsby

Skogsby is the name of the village i live in. Then name just means "the village by the forest" and it is on the southern part of the island just where the Midland forest fades into being the plain "Alvaret" that stretches all the way from here to the south tip of the island, almost 50km away.

I recorded a guitar part, as the foundation for a song that my neighbour has put words to. I made an arrangement of Elgars 'Salut d'Amour' and more instruments are going to be added along with his singing.

There are many nice walks close by in the constantly changing landscape and I love being here. Todays walk went past The Garden in the forest, kept by two brothers who are meticulous about everything they grow in here. The flowering season has started nicely, new for this year are some rose-trees around the boarders of this half moon plantation which is the first thing you see when you enter.

I had a lousy sleep with bad dreams that kept me waking up. Half past four, just when the sun was looking up behind the forest I took a breath of air on the veranda and an extra for today, it could well have been the main but I think I've used the motif too many times before. It was *so* restful  that I slept calmly till eight o'clock.

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