David J. Rose

By djrose007

Hendrix and the Garage

Hendrix is getting really chatty with us and his words are becoming clearer all the time.
A bird caught his eye outside and he exlaimed to me "A BIRD" I looked up but it had gone but I said "I like birds" to which he replied "And me too". He's so lovely.
He still really enjoys his cars as well and loves to see them scooting down from the third level to the ground level and out of the exit. Some cars are no good, the lighter ones tend to go flying off the ramp between the 2nd and ground levels but the diecast, heavier, ones manage to do the whole ramp thing. 
The gold car on the ramp is a Mercedes and the blue one is waiting for the ramp to clear. A blue Audi TT is just disappearing onto the second level.

On a funny note, when they came to pick Hendrix and Buddy up Lennon noticed we had a Christmas childrens book in Spanish. He has been studying Spanish at school and Daniel suggested that if he still is when he goes back in September he could take it in for Christmas. 
I, in my normal Grandad manner, suggested that Spanish is a great language to learn as he could work in South America, drug or gun running, working for a cartel and make loads of money.
No-one else seemed to think it was a good idea and that I've been watching far too much Netflix!
Lennon seemed to warm to the prospect though :-)

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