Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Hereford: Conversely in the Courtyard...

Its been a day of opposite strangeness. I was trying to to get to the Courtyard theatre for Ella to sing in a Gospel performance with her school. An inspiring and uplifting Gospel music group has been tutoring them in singing and dancing. It cumulated in a performance at this evening of clever singing and clever moves. One school group used sign language to create the movement to the performance. It wasn't mentioned at all, but it wasn't lost on us, sitting all the way up in the Gods of the theatre. I wondered why the person introducing the schools didn't think to credit the school for that.

I have wondered a lot today. There is a bridge that is closed in Hoarwithy. Apparently the bridge has been made unstable from badgers digging their sets under the supports. The badgers it seems cannot be moved because it is their breeding season. The bridge may remain closed for a long time, perhaps until April. I heard today, that people are having to commute around along way around the bridge. This situation is very British. I find it odd that the notion of cattle with TB and horse meat that are in the human food chain doesn't induce same sense of panic as people have over relocating or culling badgers.

The Courtyard also was having an exhibition on rural life. Some people stood and wondered. Conversely, other people past it by. x

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