By spannarama

Mallow frame

Tim's birthday today :)  We had a lovely lazy day - at his request - which was also the perfect way to start our holiday.  He was very happy with his presents and spent most of the day using one of them - a new PS4 game.  To continue our very grown up kind of day, we had fish finger sandwiches for lunch and burgers for dinner, followed by ice cream.  I won't tell you how old he actually is... :D

I went for a walk this afternoon - near, but not into, the park.  I wandered along the edge of a pond near the park entrance, and had several wildlife encounters - a young Egyptian goose came up to me, clearly expecting me to feed it (it was disappointed), and a big rat ran straight at me!  I was watching a few of them wandering around alongside the ducks and pigeons, thinking they're quite sweet, and then for some reason one made a beeline for me.  Freaked me out, but thankfully it ran past, instead of jumping on me as I feared!

We watched 'The Interview' this evening - entertaining, but I can see why it may not have gone down too well with North Korea!

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