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By HarlingDarling

Competitive tangrams - who knew???

The main blip is the visitors amusing themselves. Dad Peter and the two lads playing with the various games we have in our games basket. Two sets of tangrams = competition! There has been a certain amount of celebrating since Mum Rona and Peter are celebrating 12 years of married life. Champaign was involved. How lucky that they chose to come today! It's the first day of their holidays and the 5th or 6th time they are staying in the red house with their teenage boys. They tell us it's part of their conversations throughout the year, and that feels really special.

I baked a double lot of fruit scones, and they are mostly inside people's bellies now. Which was the point. We broke out the rosé and the red wine which are both going down nicely. Keith has just sliced up some delicious sourdough bread and brought cheese and olives into the front room. We are indoors since it's a bit chilly and probably buggy outside. But the windows and doors are open, and we are keeping our distance. We remain hopeful that this will be ok, and they have all been careful and well which is reassuring.

Today it has been raining on and off but apparently it's going to stop doing that sort of thing after the weekend. They have a dry week ahead which is nice. It's a bit sad when people come all this way north and are met with indifferent weather. But there is always the games basket and the boxes of wine. 

One of the Waterford crystal glasses used for the fabulous celebration of 12 years of married life, sadly just ended up in small pieces on the floor. Which is the fate of all glasses in the end, I guess. I honestly love these heavy glasses which were a completely unexpected present from some friends who were returning to Ireland and didn't want to take them with them. But I always feel slightly nervous when using them. I prefer cheap and cheerful really, much more my style - even though I love the Waterford... so now we have five to treasure. 

The extra shows my main activity today, two delightful hand made masks using a pattern from the internet. The pink one was "medium" and was supposed to be mine, but it turned out to be very big indeed. So now Keith has a pink one, and I made another one that is lime green. They don't feel so nice to be honest, breathing isn't as easy as you might hope for, but if we ever have to have a mask these will be fine. There is pipe cleaner along the top edge so you can mould it to your nose. not sufficient for SAS- the airlines have a rule that no hand made masks are allowed. We have no travel plans, so I'm not fretting about that!

No meditation today, but yoga as usual. And blip. But I'm neglecting the guests so I'm off!

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