My daily photo.

By kayakgirl

Which to choose....

I rarely have that problem anymore...which to choose.  

This morning after son left for work I asked husband if we could go for a drive up the Columbia River Gorge.  I feel like I haven't been anywhere in so long.  Covid has picked up in our county significantly, one of my close friends and her family  have tested positive and another close friend was trying to get her son into a testing site today, but they were all booked she has an appointment for him tomorrow, he is 25 and pretty sick with the Covid symptoms.  I have been staying away from anyone or anywhere to try and stay safe to help my parents. 

The drive today was fabulous, great sunny weather, a picnic, a stop to watch the windsurfers.  Feeling much better.  I will put a couple more in Extra Photos if you have time to look.

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