By Ridgeback13


Very slow start to the day after a hard night with my back. More drugs and alternating between hot and cold packs whilst I did some laundry and pootled. Sun has finally come out so nice to hobble around the garden...T&Kt both out doing much more active things.
Headed over to Emberton country park to meet up with Mt&H and the kids and enjoyed a couple of hours with them playing and us chatting and helping them on the roundabouts and swings. Mx very taken with the pirate ship and AR hurtling down the slides - she’s more fearless than him (extras).
Back to their place and had a big Richard Joiner late lunch. Interesting to see AR eating more than usual. A arrived too, and after playing in the garden for a while we decided to clear the loft. I sat and supervised since I wasn’t much use for anything else and as the stuff came down I was thrown into memories. Lucky most of it was a mess from when there had been an infestation up there otherwise I’d have squirrelled it all away rather than heading to the tip as it needs to. We got it all out, a few choice pieces saved, and then went on to do the stuff in the garage too (more of which was salvageable!). Here’s Mt finding a photo of P’s parents and aunt from his christening day, and there’s the little blue prom I wheeled him around Cambridge in....
Having done all this we then had nearly an hour trying to find my car keys....Mx had had them and he didn’t know/couldn’t tell us where he’d put them.
So frustrating... we eventually found them in one of these boxes that had been put in the car for taking to the dump (having had to unload the whole thing!)
Home to T&Kt’s for delicious supper and a chat about their days, then T got ready for his gardening work tomorrow.
Back feeling a bit easier before bed, so I hope I have a better night

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