Dead Amaryllis flowers....

... with seeds. I planted the seeds today, once a new plant will be created it might take 3-14 years before they will bloom.
On another note: The remaining 4 flowers of the 'Queen of the night" came out last night. I cannot post those here, because my Iphone 7 will not let me upload to this computer anymore. Don't ask me why, nobody knows. It works well with the Apple8, my hubby's phone.
And last not least: we talk a lot about haircuts, I got mine yesterday.
Actually not a big deal, because I do it myself for over 30 years after a girlfriend of mine once told me, that she is doing it. All was needed is a trim. I can do that in less than 5 minutes and it looks great. Maybe I can show it next derelict Sunday...ha ha.

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